Embrace stability and release your motion with the EmbracingGuitar® ergonomic support.
By guitarists, for guitarists.

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Three suction cusps allow for multiple positions, eliminating the need for a footstool and keeping your body in a comfortable position. A rubber pad runs along the underside of the support, allowing it to rest on both legs for comfort and stability with no additional leg pads.


Since the instrument remains stable in the desired position, you can move freely while playing, with less tension and effort.
The guitar becomes an extension of your body.


The EmbracingGuitar® ergonomic support has been developed to improve the performance and health of all guitar players.
Designed by classical guitarist Asier Peláez Moreno. Made in Spain.

Asier Peláez Moreno

Classical guitarist & Designer of the EmbracingGuitar® ergonomic support

"Traditional ways of holding the guitar have never really worked for me. I have always felt the need to embrace the guitar, even with both legs, so I could feel the instrument as part of my body and move with it freely."
"With EmbracingGuitar® we have developed an ergonomic support that allows for the desired position of the instrument with superb stability, while letting the player move freely and feeling the guitar as an extension of the body."

“Classical or popular, the guitar is not anatomically correct. The EmbracingGuitar® ergonomic support helps enormously in keeping our spine in the right position."

Yamandú Costa, Brazilian guitarist